A picture's worth a thousand words...but your donations save lives!

Dorothy & granchildren
Rosette and her agricultural project to sustain her family
Muzeeyi (word for "respected old man) Daniel showing his agricultural project to sustain his family
Tom & Esther, members of Bweya Community Church
Piggery built with ekissa funds now sustains Joseph & his family
Pastor Gerald with children in Bweya village
Let's go to church!
All are welcome at Bweya Community Church
Children worship through dance
Inside Bweya Community Church
Bweya Community Church may be small but they give huge sacrificial offerings
Worship at Bweya Community Church
Children's choir at Bweya Community Church
Leader at Bweya Community Church
Sharing a clean bottle of water with our younger friends in Bweya, where a bore hole/ well is desperately needed
Kids lovin on kids
Village kids
A little fun with a very sick kiddo
Medical missions lead by Dr. Rice
An american Dr in the village can bring a crowd
Filling some hungry bellies
Washing feet & offering a new pair of shoes
Vacation Bible School
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."
Construction crew builds a swing
The alternative to clean water...Lake Victoria
Starvation is cruel...
Nourishing a weak child
Local village kids
A good friend is closer than a brother
The power of 1
The face of a starving orphan
Children raising children
Entangled heart strings