Bweya Community Church

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Bweya Community Church has a humbling beginning as it was launched in the bottom of a chicken coop in 2010, in Bweya Village, Uganda. It was planted through a joint effort of the ministry of ekissa, Gaba Community Church and Africa Renewal Ministries, and is a member of the Fellowship of Community Churches in Uganda. As a relatively new church plant, Bweya Community Church receives guidance and accountability from Gaba Church as it provides oversight.

Pastor Gerald Kityo is the lead pastor of Bweya Community Church. He is currently enrolled in seminary and due to the gracious donations of Concord Baptist Church of NC, Pastor Gerald will graduate upon completion of his final semester.

Pastor Gerald is a man with great compassion, conviction and commitment. He is a man with tremendous vision. As soon as he learned of the opportunity to join this work of ministry, he knew this was his calling. Gerald gave up his familiar, comfortable life in the city and moved to this rural, agricultural village, to live in a 15 X15 room & sleep on a cement floor. He knew before effectively leading a congregation in Bweya village, he needed to live among them; to "do life" with them and cultivate relationships with them.

This area contains a large population of Muslims as well as witch doctors and those participating in witchcraft. It is an area were child-sacrificing and other unfathomable behaviors are lived out. Please prayerfully consider joining our efforts as we seek to transform this community for the glory of God.



  • Monthly financial support for Pastor Gerald ($26 monthly rent, food, transportation)
  • Monthly financial support for children's ministry (funds to feed children, teaching materials, etc)
  • Financial support for Church's monthly operational expenses
  • Financial support for community outreach projects in the village
  • Financial support to build a permanent structure
  • Participate in a mission trip

Where does my donation go?

100% of Donations go to direct ministry in Uganda and Administrative cost are paid with other funds.

PO Box 370
Clemmons, NC 27012

p: 336.971.4855

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