Bweya Community Church

Bweya Community Church had a humble beginning as it was launched in the bottom of a chicken coop in 2010, in Bweya Village, Uganda. It was planted through a joint effort of ekissa, Gaba Community Church and Africa Renewal Ministries. As a relatively new church plant, Bweya Community Church received guidance and accountability from Gaba Church until it was able to function independently. After much growth, the congregation decided to rename the church "Bweya Central Campus" (BCC).

BCC is lead by Pastor Henry Lwanga and a group of selected elders within the church. The church is also blessed to have a steady group of student pastors from a local seminary, receiving guidance from Pastor Henry and learning to teach the Word of God. Pastor Henry is a nurse by profession. So his days are spent meeting physical and spiritual needs! Additionally, BCC has established a music ministry, as well as children and youth programs.

This community contains a large population of Muslims, witch doctors and those participating in witchcraft. It is an area where child-sacrificing and other unfathomable behaviors are lived out. Please prayerfully consider joining our efforts as we seek to transform this community for the glory of God.

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