Bweya Community Church

Bweya Community Church has a humbling beginning as it was launched in the bottom of a chicken coop in 2010, in Bweya Village, Uganda. It was planted through a joint effort of the ministry of ekissa, Gaba Community Church and Africa Renewal Ministries. As a relatively new church plant, Bweya Community Church received guidance and accountability from Gaba Church until it was able to function independently.

The church is lead by a group of elders and is blessed to have a steady group of student pastors from a local seminary, teaching the Word of God. There is an established music ministry, as well as children and youth programs.

This community contains a large population of Muslims as well as witch doctors and those participating in witchcraft. It is an area where child-sacrificing and other unfathomable behaviors are lived out. Please prayerfully consider joining our efforts as we seek to transform this community for the glory of God.

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